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14 days ago
Exploring Findom: A paypig's journey in financial submission
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In the shadowy corners of the internet, a unique fetish is quietly thriving, one where power exchanges hands not through physical dominance but through the wallet.

This is the world of financial domination, or Findom, a realm where submission is measured in pounds and pleasure is derived from relinquishing control over one's finances to a dominant partner.

A 25-year-old man, choosing to remain anonymous, opens up about his journey into this intriguing lifestyle.

Findom, short for financial domination, is where the thrill of giving isn't just about generosity; it's about control. It's a dance between dominance and submission, played out through bank transfers and lavish gifts.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, stumbled upon this unique kink in 2019, and it's since become a source of immense pleasure for him.

Our introduction to this unconventional lifestyle came unexpectedly during a night out at The Ritz in Lincoln, playing 'Wetherspoons The Game!'—a social experiment where strangers treat each other to drinks. Amid the fun, a private message popped up from the man, offering to extend his generosity our way, hinting at his Findom fetish.

Referring to himself as a "paypig," he's navigated the digital world of Twitter, Instagram, Grindr, and Skype, spending around £10,000 over five years indulging in his fetish. It's a world where financial submission is the ultimate act of devotion, and every transaction is a testament to the power dynamics at play.

This particular man privately messaged on Facebook after seeing my post on the game. He asked if we were still in the pub, or that if we were leaving soon, could he buy us drinks another time.

He asked if he could send money, but that he didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, and admitted he had a kink called Findom and is a “paypig”. Although we didn’t take him up on his financial offer, he agreed to talk openly about the life of Findom.

The Welshman said it started in September 2019 and continues to give him a lot of pleasure.

He believes he’s spent around £10,000 due to his Findom fetish over the last five years. His interactions usually take place on Twitter, Instagram, Grindr, Skype, and on the public Facebook page ‘Wetherspoons The Game!’.

“I’ve always had, since I can remember, a fetish for boots and trainers,” he said.

“I was searching for pictures of shoes on Twitter and came across the words Findom and cashmaster.

“It intrigued me because I think money is the ultimate power. Giving money or even something simple like buying a drink for someone, is almost giving them power in a way.

“It’s a way of serving a man that you see as better than you. It’s showing respect and superiority to you.”

His first Findom-related interaction happened on Twitter and he said he had to send a ‘master’ £10 for his dinner, and then gave him money to buy some shoes for himself. The ‘master’ sent him a photo of the shoes he bought with the money.

“I thought the master was good looking and decided to message him,” he said.

“I got aroused by it to be totally candid and decided I enjoyed it and then decided to explore it further.”

The 25-year-old said Findom is a “humiliation fetish” and something he does nearly every day, saying “it’s quite an addictive thing to be into.”

He said he messages around a dozen or more people a week. More recently, most of these people he has interacted with have been from the ‘Wetherspoons The Game!’ Facebook page, which has over 560,000 members.

“I like to buy people drinks or takeaways, but in the past I’ve bought shoes and clothes, or whatever the ‘master’ wants,” he said.

“Most of the dozen is from using the Spoons’ [game]. I approach asking if I can buy them drinks. If I buy them drinks then I’ll mention the paypig thing.

“I’d rather send a direct message. Talking directly to the guy is more enjoyable for me.

“I know it’s not the intended purpose of the game, but that’s what I use it for and I don’t really see the harm in it, as I’m just buying drinks, I’m not harming anyone.”

He admits that telling people he’s a paypig can get a very mixed reaction.

“Most people are like ‘what the f**k, that’s weird’ but other people have heard about it and are like ‘okay, go for it’,” he said.

“Usually they say they find it funny. Some people may ignore or block you, which is fair enough, and then others are keen for it and enjoy it for whatever reason.

“I like the idea that someone is laughing about me. I like to feel humiliated.

“I do like it when they say it’s funny, or they degrade me for it, but I’m not saying it’s the same thing for every paypig.”

So are there any myths about Findom that he would like to put right and explain to people?

“I would say that Findom is a normal kink and is harmless, and people who do it are normal people,” he said.

“I know I have thought that there is something wrong with me for being a paypig and enjoying being dominated financially.

“But I have come to the realisation that if something is between two consenting adults then there is no harm done and there is nothing wrong with it.”

Since the kink first became part of his life in 2019, he says Findom is now becoming more mainstream than it was previously.

“I think it’s becoming more mainstream because more people are talking about it,” he added.

“For example, if I approach someone asking to be there paypig then they talk to their friends about it, and with it being seen on social media.

“I’d like to add that personally for me, when I’m doing it, I like doing it for a group of guys. I guess it feels more humiliating that way, hence why I wanted to send you drinks."