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19 days ago
Music legend Bernie Taupin's surprise stay in his own namesake suite at Lincoln Castle Hotel
Bernie Taupin found himself in a poetic full circle, staying in a Lincoln hotel room that celebrated his own legacy.

In a delightful twist of fate, Lincoln's Castle Hotel recently welcomed a very special guest into one of its newly launched suites, named after none other than Bernie Taupin, Elton John's legendary lyricist.

Taupin, who grew up in Lincolnshire, found himself staying in the suite that bore his name, marking a first in his illustrious career.

The hotel, known for naming its deluxe rooms after famous Lincolnites, never imagined that the very inspiration for one of their rooms would end up walking through their doors.

Bernie Taupin enjoyed the hospitality of Lincoln Castle Hotel, dining and sharing drinks with owners Paul and Saera Catlow.

Alongside his brother and a film crew, Taupin enjoyed the hospitality of the hotel, dining and sharing drinks with owners Paul and Saera Catlow.

The encounter was filled with irony and coincidence, as guests and staff alike were thrilled to interact with the music icon.

The hotel buzzed with excitement as Taupin mingled, posed for photos, and shared stories, embodying the down-to-earth, genuine spirit of a true music.

Taupin's humble and gracious demeanour made the experience unforgettable for everyone involved, highlighting the unexpected connections that can occur in the most serendipitous ways.