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20 days ago
Violence erupts at RAF Scampton amid asylum seeker camp protests
Lincolnshire Police at RAF Scampton on Sunday, February 4.
Alan Merritt

Scampton residents campaigning to save the former airbase from being used as an asylum seeker camp say they have been attacked by up to 12 men identified as “far right thugs” in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Tensions have been rising among the multiple campaign groups at the former RAF Scampton, as the Home Office unveiled this week that it plans to start accommodating up to 2,000 male asylum seekers for processing at the base as soon as April 14.

Some of the injuries sustained by Sarah Carter in the attack.
Sarah Carter

On Sunday, February 4, Sarah Carter, from the local Save Our Scampton campaign, planned to take over the camp at the main gate of the base, where a different group of non-local campaigners set up a protest.

She explained “They abandoned the main gate camp, so I moved in and took it over. They didn't like that, so they sent the thugs in to evict us.

“In the early hours of Sunday morning, seven people, including myself and my husband, were attacked by approximately 12 far right thugs at the main gate camp and gate eight. We all have injuries and are shaken to the core.”

“Two of us against 12 at the main gate, then they went to gate eight and attacked four men, then attacked someone later at the main gate,” Mrs Carter recalled.

Another man at another camp showing his injuries after the attack.
Crazy_Wayne on TikTok

Crazy_Wayne on TikTok posted a 20-second video of himself with a bloodied lip saying that “I’ve just been attacked at gate 8 by multiple people, probably three cars’ full. They’ve also taken over the main gate, and… it’s all you’re getting.”

Alongside this video, Alan Merritt, also posted a video defending his separate side of the camp, saying: “The majority of people have good intentions, but there are odd people, and we get it all over the county, […] splinter groups. There have been issues like this everywhere, and they have caused a huge divide. At the end of the day, we want to try and stop this nonsense from happening.”

Campaigner Alan Merritt explaining his side of the story.
Alan Merritt / Facebook

Wrapping up his 18-minute video standing in front of a police van, Alan said: “There has been an incident here, but at the end of the day let’s just hope they sort their issues out and they’ve moved on; and the people who have caused these issues won’t come back, they won’t cause any more problems for other people.”

Lincolnshire Police said in a statement: "Incidents 48 and 71 of Sunday, 4 February relate to reports of violence at RAF Scampton in the early hours. Officers attended the scene and spoke to people at the site. Investigations into the incidents remain ongoing."

One of the camps at the main gate of RAF Scampton.
Alan Merritt / Facebook

Lincoln Labour MP candidate Hamish Falconer, who campaigns for saving the £300 million investment proposal at RAF Scampton rather than it being used as an asylum camp, said: “I heard this morning that late last night far right thugs assaulted Scampton residents, including a grandmother with a heart condition to try and get control of a camp at one of the gates.”

Another protest camp at RAF Scampton.
Alan Merritt / Facebook

Falconer added: “These people have been hanging around the gates drinking, wearing camouflage, arguing in public about who has stolen from each other, and trying to push their racism on Lincoln. I know their type, these little jackals. They know who they are and so do we, so let me say it plainly to them: you aren’t patriots or soldiers, you’re pathetic racist thugs. Hand yourself in to the police, take down your banners, hang your heads in shame and get out of town."