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21 days ago
Lighting Lincoln's streets: A call for action

As the Labour MP candidate for Lincoln, I'm throwing my full support behind the students and residents calling for better public safety measures at night.

The issue of street lighting, or the lack thereof, in Lincoln is not just a local inconvenience; it's a matter of public safety that has been mishandled under Conservative control. Here's the reality we're facing:

Back in 2017, the Conservative-led Lincolnshire County Council made the decision to cut Lincoln's night-time street lighting.

Labour fought hard against these cuts, managing to delay the switch-off until midnight instead of the initially proposed 10pm. Despite our efforts, the problem persists, and it's clear who holds the responsibility.

It's baffling to me that there's any debate over this. I understand it, the Labour County Group understands it, the Labour City Council understands it, and even our Conservative MP understands it: the responsibility lies squarely with the Tory County Council. So, it's high time for the Conservatives to stop their internal squabbling and take action.

Lincoln deserves better. Our students and residents shouldn't have to feel unsafe walking home in the dark. It's not just about turning on every other street light after midnight; it's about acknowledging the role of public services in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community.

So, to the Conservative leaders at Lincolnshire County Council, I say: get on with it. It's within your power to make Lincoln a safer place for all of us.

Stop the bickering, listen to the people, and light up our streets.