Sustainably Made in Lincoln Since 1974

Read more about how we sustainably manufacture our windows and doors in the heart of Lincoln - use our energy saving calculator to find out how much you could save on your energy bills by upgrading.
Sustainably Made in Lincoln Since 1974

Our goal is to change the modern world and create sustainable & eco friendly energy solutions for future generations.

About Us

Since 1974, our family owned company has set out to offer a complete home improvement service throughout Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. We manufacture products of exceptional quality and are renowned for choice, excellent customer service and value for money.

Our Vision

Being one of the UK’s largest window and door manufacturers, Starglaze understands the importance of our role in sustainability. From the products we manufacture to our deliveries, we make it our mission to improve our business consistently. We understand that homes across the UK contribute towards 21% of the country’s carbon emissions. Our vision is to insulate homes better, drastically reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

Our Solutions

We manufacture more energy efficient windows and doors. From recycling sustainable materials to reducing packaging and operational waste, we aim to realise our vision of a greener, brighter future. From uPVC to aluminium and steel, our market leading products have all been manufactured to be highly energy efficient.

Making the Switch

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions by switching to renewable and more sustainable energy sources. To achieve this, we manufacture with sustainability in mind and produce products that are energy efficient.

Beyond lowering energy usage, we’re invested in products like solar panels, which have already contributed to a 101,105kg carbon offset. Our partners share our commitment to the sustainable fabrication of windows and doors. We are united on all fronts to make the switch.


When our premium quality products reach the end of their long product life, we ensure that they can enjoy life anew through recycling post consumer waste. We support our customers by recovering uPVC, aluminium and steel materials. This way, little to no material ends up in a landfill.

We are doing our bit to lower our carbon footprint through recycling and manufacturing using sustainable materials. New generations of products like ours contribute to a circular economy. Try out our energy saving calculator to see the difference our products make.

Our most efficient Profiles

Our popular uPVC casement windows are multi-chambered, using double and triple glazing for enhanced thermal efficiency allowing you to rely less on central heating with expertly made, A-energy rated windows.

What is energy efficient glazing?

Double glazed windows are the most popular type of energy efficient window. Double-glazed windows create an insulating barrier that maintains heat, thanks to their two sheets of glass that have a space in between them. Triple glazed windows are also available. As you may guess, these have three sheets of glass.

Energy efficient windows or energy efficient glazing, are designed to boost the comfort of a home. Whilst simultaneously minimising your carbon footprint. They are use materials that:

  • Capture the warmth from sunlight that comes through the glass.
  • Stop heat from escaping from inside the house through the window and glass.
  • And prevent heat from escaping through air leaks around the windows.

Energy efficient windows are rated according to their ability to achieve these three things.