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7 days ago

Pub crawl adventures: Couple's quest to visit every English pub hits Lincoln again

We joined Dale & Holly on a night of their spirited pub quest
Joseph Verney

Joseph Verney

Pub crawl adventures: Couple's quest to visit every English pub hits Lincoln again

A couple on a quest to visit every single pub and bar in England were in Lincoln at the weekend — and we joined them for (a part of) the adventure!

Dale Harvey and his wife Holly have now visited 2,255 bars and pubs after the latest three-day stint in Nottingham, Lincoln and Crewe. The couple visit pubs every Thursday and Friday night, and weekends, and are dubbed ‘The Great British Pub Crawl’ on social media, with a fan base of over 16,000 followers.

On the couple’s last visit to our city in August, Dale, who is trying to find the ‘best ever’ piña colada, enjoyed his favourite at Lincoln Jazz Cafe. However, this has now been rivalled after their visit to Strait and Narrow on Friday, who said it looks forward to welcoming him back again.

First stop for Dale and Holly was The Treaty of Commerce. Photo: The Lincolnite

During the latest visit they made sure they didn't repeat any of the venues from August. The 12 pubs visited on Friday (day 602 of their pub crawl) were:

  • The Treaty of Commerce
  • Dog and Bone
  • The Birdcage
  • Wig & Mitre
  • The Magna Carta
  • White Hart Hotel
  • The Lion and Snake
  • Prince of Wales
  • The Duke William
  • The Strugglers Inn
  • The Victoria
  • The Strait and Narrow

Followed by The Dog & Bone. Photo: The Lincolnite

And The Birdcage. Photo: The Lincolnite

Dale said Treaty of Commerce was “a lovely little pub to start us off for the night” before going to The Dog & Bone, another venue which they also had high praise for.

The couple both loved the Wig & Mitre where we met them, saying they have never been to a bad RedCat pub as they are “always classy” and they love that they are dog friendly.

Dale and Holly loved that the Wig & Mitre is dog friendly and described it as a "classy pub". Photo: The Lincolnite

Reporter Joseph Verney with Dale and Holly inside the Magna Carta. Photo: The Lincolnite

Dale particularly loved the revolving door at The White Hart Hotel. Photo: The Lincolnite

The White Hart is a common name they visit, with Dale saying Lincoln’s must be the 15th or 16th they’ve been to, and he was particularly impressed by the “beautiful revolving door” and “stunning building”, saying he felt very underdressed. Holly thought the bar had “Great Gatsby vibes”.

The live band and singers at Lion and Snake, Prince of Wales and The Victoria were a big hit for the couple. At the Duke William, Dale particularly enjoyed trying a ‘Juice Forsyth’ from Brew York, which he said was “superb”.

Dale and Holly loved the live music at Lion & Snake. Photo: The Lincolnite

And the "absolutely phenomenal" voice of the female singer in Prince of Wales. Photo: The Lincolnite

And Duke William Hotel (but blinking at the wrong time for a photo is not a good idea). Photo: The Lincolnite

Dale described the next pub, The Strugglers Inn, as a "true real ale pub with a whopping ten hand pulls on at any one time" and that "it's clear to see why" it was one of the most suggested recommendations in their comments prior to their visit.

Moving onto The Victoria, another pub Dale had high praise for. He said: "This one is dog friendly and had a really good mix of people in, enjoying the entertainment and a good vibe about it."

Dale and Holly outside The Strugglers Inn. Photo: The Lincolnite

The Victoria proved to be another big hit for the couple. Photo: The Lincolnite

The final bar of their trip, Strait and Narrow, was recommended by The Lincolnite due to Dale’s love of cocktails and his piña colada mission — and he wasn’t disappointed.

“The staff here are absolutely lovely and this is a quirky place with a whopping spirits selection behind the bar,” he said.

“The cocktails are excellently presented and made to perfection. I know you’re wondering, how was the piña colada and do we have a new leader?

“Well, let’s just say that it is such a close run thing that I am going to have to go back to Lincoln Jazz Cafe and then revisit the Strait and Narrow on my next Lincoln trip, so that I can play one off against the other… because both were exceptional. Lincoln certainly knows how to mix a great cocktail.”

Watch our video with Dale giving his verdict on some of Lincoln's bars and pubs on the MyLocal Lincolnshire Play tab here.

The Strait and Narrow was a big hit with the couple and Dale loved the bar's piña colada. Photo: The Lincolnite

Reflecting back on their second visit to Lincoln, Dale told us: “We absolutely love Lincoln. It’s a beautiful old city with many great pubs, but I’m never walking up that hill ever again (next time I’ll get a taxi). Looking forward to coming back soon.”

Whilst Dale and Holly love Lincoln, Steep Hill didn’t exactly go down well, especially after 22 bars and pubs in Nottingham the night before.

In his review of Lincoln, Dale gave this bit of advice: “if Google Maps tells you something is called ‘Steep Hill’ then you listen to Google Maps.” You can also watch Dale's video review of the Lincoln's bars and pubs from Friday on his YouTube channel here.

Finally, has this trip changed Dale’s best six pubs in Lincolnshire. In no particular order they are as follows:

  • The Houblon Arms in Oasby near Grantham
  • The Waters Edge in Spalding
  • Paten & Co in Stamford
  • Strait and Narrow in Lincoln
  • The Blue Pig in Grantham
  • Lincoln Jazz Cafe