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10 days ago

Lincolnshire Pork Co Named Sustainable Business of the Year at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Lincolnshire Pork Co acclaimed as Sustainable Business of the Year for eco-friendly farming practices
Ellis Karran

Ellis Karran

Lincolnshire Pork Co Named Sustainable Business of the Year at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Lincolnshire Pork Co has been honoured as the Sustainable Business of the Year at the Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards, recognising their exemplary commitment to environmentally friendly pig production and renewable energy generation.

At the core of Lincolnshire Pork Co's operations is a robust sustainable farming philosophy. They integrate potato, sugar beet, maize, wheat, and barley cultivation with their pig farming, creating a sustainable cycle that benefits both the environment and their business. The wheat and barley are used in pig feed, while straw by-products provide comfortable bedding for the pigs.

A standout feature of their sustainability practices is the utilisation of two anaerobic digestors, combined with wind turbines and solar panels, to generate renewable energy. This energy not only powers their operations but also contributes significantly to the National Grid, powering the equivalent of 250 homes.

Lincolnshire Pork Co is also committed to enhancing biodiversity, managing significant woodland areas and hedgerows, and planting wildflower strips. Their environmentally friendly methods of manure management and spreading further reduce their carbon footprint and improve soil health.

In a move to encourage eco-consciousness among customers, the company has installed an electric vehicle charger at their farm shop, powered by their renewable energy. This initiative, along with educational farm visits and Open Farm Sunday events, exemplifies their dedication to community engagement in sustainability.

The company's future plans include focusing on energy efficiency, exploring electric farming vehicles, and investigating sustainable protein sources for their pig diet. These forward-thinking strategies are geared towards reducing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability in agriculture.

Lincolnshire Pork Co's recognition as the Sustainable Business of the Year is a testament to their innovative approach to farming and their relentless pursuit of sustainability in all aspects of their operations.

The Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards are organised by Stonebow Media, publishers of The Lincolnite, and MyLocal Lincolnshire. The event was generously sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs, Duncan & Toplis, Visual Print & Design, Masons Rural, Fizzco and Sills & Betteridge.