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10 days ago

Colbourne’s Cafe clinches Cafe of the Year title at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Colbourne’s Cafe triumphs as Cafe of the Year, showcasing community spirit and top-notch local fare
Ellis Karran

Ellis Karran

Colbourne’s Cafe clinches Cafe of the Year title at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Colbourne’s Cafe has been proudly named the Cafe of the Year at the Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards. This prestigious award recognises the cafe's exceptional dedication to serving the community with high-quality, locally sourced meat and creating a welcoming space for both locals and visitors.

Established as a cornerstone of the local community, Colbourne’s is renowned for its commitment to going the extra mile for its regulars. The cafe has become a beloved hub, attracting a diverse clientele, including local clubs and cycling groups, and serving as a social gathering point in the region.

The owners' journey from running a modest catering trailer in a lay-by to launching a successful cafe, and now expanding with a new venue near the castle, is a testament to their hard work and deep connection with the local community. This expansion aims to make their high-quality offerings more accessible to a wider audience.

Colbourne’s Cafe stands out for its commitment to quality, with locally sourced meat that ranks among the best in the area. The cafe has grown beyond just a dining spot – it's a place where customers become friends, a weekly destination for many to socialise, and a recognised stop on local cycling routes.

The owners' passion and dedication to the business are evident in every aspect of the cafe. This award not only acknowledges their significant achievements and contributions to the local food scene but also celebrates the strong community bonds fostered through their efforts.

The Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards are organised by Stonebow Media, publishers of The Lincolnite, and MyLocal Lincolnshire. The event was generously sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs, Duncan & Toplis, Visual Print & Design, Masons Rural, Fizzco and Sills & Betteridge.