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10 days ago

Riley Taylor awarded Future of Farming winner at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Riley Taylor hailed as Future of Farming Winner, pioneering innovation and sustainability in agriculture
Ellis Karran

Ellis Karran

Riley Taylor awarded Future of Farming winner at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Riley Taylor, a visionary young farmer, has been named the Future of Farming Winner at the Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards. This award recognises Taylor's innovative approach to modern farming, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his dedication to shaping the future of agriculture.

After completing agricultural college, Taylor quickly recognized that contemporary farming requires a blend of strategic decision-making, adaptability, and hard work. Embracing this understanding, he established a diversification project on his farm, producing cold-pressed rapeseed oil. This venture, though still a small part of his business, represents a significant step towards creating a more stable and diverse income stream.

Taylor's commitment to efficiency and clinical farming practices is evident in his willingness to adopt new methods, invest in advanced equipment, and continuously seek educational opportunities. His approach is not just about embracing modern techniques; it's also about learning from others, understanding that valuable insights can often come at little to no cost.

Apart from his business endeavours, Taylor is passionate about promoting agriculture to the next generation. He aims to dispel stereotypes and showcase the dynamic and diverse nature of modern farming. His ambition to engage with schools and colleges reflects a deep-seated desire to attract a new, diverse workforce to the agricultural sector.

Riley Taylor's award as the Future of Farming Winner is a testament to his innovative mindset, his commitment to sustainable farming practices, and his vision for a more inclusive and efficient agricultural industry.

The Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards are organised by Stonebow Media, publishers of The Lincolnite, and MyLocal Lincolnshire. The event was generously sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs, Duncan & Toplis, Visual Print & Design, Masons Rural, Fizzco and Sills & Betteridge.