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10 days ago

Gelston Lamb triumphs in Farm to Fork category at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Gelston Lamb scoops award for sustainably farmed, delicious produce
Ellis Karran

Ellis Karran

Gelston Lamb triumphs in Farm to Fork category at Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards

Gelston Lamb, a beacon of local, sustainable farming, has been awarded the prestigious Farm to Fork accolade at the Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards. Starting with just two pet ewes, Gelston Lamb has expanded to a thriving flock of 500 breeding ewes, becoming a symbol of resilience and dedication in the local farming community.

The journey of Gelston Lamb is a tale of growth and adaptation. Following the expansion of their flock in 2016, they have meticulously recorded each lamb's progress, ensuring only the finest ewe lambs are selected for breeding. This attention to detail has resulted in lamb of exceptional quality, which has been recognised with top accolades in the Great Taste Awards.

The establishment of their on-farm butchery in 2019 marked a significant milestone, allowing Gelston Lamb to sell their produce directly to consumers. The shift to online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic propelled their business forward, leading to the development of a user-friendly website featuring their products.

Gelston Lamb's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their operation. Their lamb is hung for 7-10 days, enhancing its flavour and tenderness. The diversification into innovative products like flavoured burgers, sausages, and the much-talked-about lamb bacon showcases their culinary creativity.

Their efforts have extended beyond the farm, with Gelston Lamb now supplying local restaurants and shops, as well as hosting a popular monthly pop-up shop featuring other local producers. This community-focused approach has not only made Gelston Lamb a household name in Lincolnshire but also allowed them to contribute significantly to the local economy.

Winning the Farm to Fork category is a testament to Gelston Lamb's unwavering commitment to producing high-quality, sustainably farmed lamb, and their role in promoting the best of Lincolnshire's agricultural produce.

The Lincolnshire Food and Farming Awards are organised by Stonebow Media, publishers of The Lincolnite, and MyLocal Lincolnshire. The event was generously sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs, Duncan & Toplis, Visual Print & Design, Masons Rural, Fizzco and Sills & Betteridge.