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Introducing the Lincolnshire 30 Under 30 for 2023

Celebrating the young success stories of our county
News Team

News Team

Introducing the Lincolnshire 30 Under 30 for 2023

In 2023, The Lincolnite's spotlight on the top "30 Under 30" shines even brighter, illuminating Lincoln and Lincolnshire's most dynamic young talents.

This year's line-up represents the future's movers, shakers, and change-makers. Be it the next-gen entrepreneurs, champions for mental well-being, or the sporting prodigies, Lincolnshire’s heartbeats resonate with the passion of its youth. It's not just about their achievements; it's their unwavering spirit that deserves applause.

Thanks to our collaboration with partners like Sparkhouse, Ringrose Law, Streets Chartered Accountants, Visual Print & Design, and Tap & Tonic, we are thrilled to introduce 2023's trailblazers. Their narratives, filled with zest and tenacity, promise a transformative journey for Lincoln, Lincolnshire, and perhaps, the world beyond.

Archie Read
Senior Operations Co-ordinator
ADHD 360

Archie Read, Senior Operations Co-ordinator at ADHD 360 Limited, epitomises resilience and merit-based advancement. Diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, he joined the organisation as a junior secretary while also pursuing a Business Studies Degree. Archie's commitment and zeal quickly propelled him through the ranks, making him a pillar of the organisation. His work is multi-faceted: from advocacy to heading the new Sheffield office, his influence is palpable.
Significantly, Archie brings lived experience into the ADHD Academy, enriching the learning of healthcare professionals. His leadership credentials are equally striking. Despite a diverse team in terms of age and experience, Archie commands unreserved respect, underlined by his team's eagerness to collectively attend the ADHD Academy.

Continually seeking improvement, Archie's exposure to external environments like a car manufacturing plant has led to impactful organisational enhancements, particularly in quality assurance. Amidst these responsibilities, he remains steadfast in academia, aiming for a 2:1 grade in his degree, a remarkable feat given his career commitments.

He has faced and overcome challenges posed by his neurodiversity, rejecting any limitations it could impose. Instead, Archie chooses to be a role model for neurodiversity, proving that limitations are self-imposed constructs.

When entrusted with the Head of Operations role, overseeing 150 employees, Archie excelled, exemplifying his capacity for higher managerial duties. Archie Read is not just a candidate for recognition; he is a testament to what can be achieved through sheer willpower, dedication, and an undeterred focus on positive change.

Bailey-Stephen Greetham-Clark
Founder & CEO

Bailey-Stephen Greetham-Clark, Founder and CEO of BeGreatFitness, has successfully eliminated barriers to health and fitness, offering specialised classes that have enriched the lives of over 1,000 vulnerable people, including adults with additional needs and children facing behavioural issues.

His exemplary focus is on inclusivity, a principle that has guided BeGreatFitness into partnerships with schools, care homes, and community centres. The transformative outcomes of these programmes are clear: participants report enhanced physical health, improved cognitive function, and increased self-confidence. For many, the leap from initial reluctance to active participation has been nothing short of life-changing.

Acknowledgements from both participants and professional care staff bear testimony to the lasting impact Bailey-Stephen has cultivated. Under his leadership, BeGreatFitness has flourished, expanding its coaching team and diversifying its offerings to meet the unique needs of different groups.

Being shortlisted serves not just to honour Bailey-Stephen's personal commitment but also spotlights the vital work carried out by BeGreatFitness. This recognition amplifies their message of accessibility, empowerment, and positive change for vulnerable populations.Bailey-Stephen is a young visionary thoroughly committed to fostering a healthier and more inclusive society.

Ben Pickard
Light Dynamix

Ben Pickard stands as an exceptional figure in the UK's drone technology industry, meriting significant recognition. Known to colleagues since 2017, he first gained attention as the driving force behind Tetra Drones, a company he led after completing his Master's Degree in Design from the University of Lincoln. Even after selling Tetra Drones in 2022, he did not rest on his laurels. Instead, he co-founded Light Dynamix Ltd, where he continues to innovate in the field of drone light shows.

Throughout his career, Ben has been involved in globally impactful projects. He developed a custom drone for the United Nations to aid in seed planting operations in Somalia's challenging terrains. He also partnered with Liverpool John Moore University on a project that monitored lemurs in Madagascar. Environmental impacts on marine life have also been a focus; he worked closely with both the Scottish Association for Marine Science and Loughborough University to create custom drones capable of landing on water to collect samples.

Among his standout achievements is the design and piloting of one of the largest drones in the European Union, a 5m VTOL model. Ben's consultative roles in various projects demonstrate his broad influence in the industry. His contributions to Light Dynamix Ltd showcase his pivotal role in advancing drone technology. Always eager for the next challenge, Ben confronts each hurdle with unwavering focus and a calm demeanour, placing him among the UK's foremost experts in custom drone building and design.

Callum Donnelly
Design Lead

As the Design Lead for Fizzco Limited, Callum Donnelly is an exceptional asset who has continually exceeded his role's expectations over three years. He has crafted a unique style for preparing tenders and designing new seasonal lighting, which has been instrumental in securing Fizzco's largest-ever contract. Callum's role in this landmark deal can't be overstated; his keen eye for product design and thematic presentation were lauded by the client as pivotal in awarding the contract to Fizzco.

Callum's innovative approach extends to mastering 3D Matterport technology and 3D modelling. His digital designs offer a more immersive product understanding, enabling remote orders and thereby saving time and reducing environmental impact. Beyond these technological feats, Callum is an innate leader, managing multiple projects, training staff, and researching new technologies. His leadership skills are invaluable, and his propensity for sharing knowledge enriches the whole team.

He is highly adaptable, capable of working independently or collaboratively, and even steps in during night shifts with installation teams. Callum's diverse skills and "can-do" attitude have cemented him as an indispensable team member. Recognising his contributions, he is now transitioning into a more strategic managerial role, promising an even brighter future for Fizzco. His drive, innovation, and team spirit make him a prime candidate deserving of recognition, marking him as integral to Fizzco's continued success.

Charlotte Massingham
Teacher and Arts Lead
Church Lane Primary School

Charlotte Massingham, Teacher and Arts Lead at Church Lane Primary School, embodies a devotion to education that transcends the classroom. Charlotte has single-handedly reshaped the educational experience for her students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Going beyond traditional teaching methods, she creates a stimulating learning environment that nurtures not just knowledge but also curiosity and critical thinking.

In a quest to make education inclusive, Charlotte embraces innovation. She constantly adapts her teaching techniques, whether by integrating technology or orchestrating hands-on activities, to ensure every child can succeed. This resourceful approach breaks down barriers, providing every student with the tools to excel academically and personally.

But her influence doesn't stop at the school gates. Actively collaborating with community organisations, Charlotte strives to overcome the systemic issues affecting underprivileged children. She has spearheaded the Church Lane Academy of Arts, an initiative designed to boost self-esteem and offer children avenues beyond traditional academics. Here, students can perform on stage and even undertake dance and singing exams.

In her role, Charlotte fosters a nurturing atmosphere where students feel valued and empowered. Testimonials from parents, colleagues, and students themselves underline the indelible impact she has had on countless lives. The ripple effects of her work extend to families and communities, fortifying her belief that education should develop compassionate and resilient individuals, ready to tackle life's challenges. With an exemplary approach to teaching and a passion for social justice, Charlotte Massingham stands as a beacon in the educational landscape.

Chris Stock
Director & Founder
All Sports UK

Chris, the founder of All Sports, has become a cornerstone in youth sports development in Lincolnshire. His passion for children's well-being goes beyond just physical education; he's a maestro in fostering teamwork, kindness, and individual growth. He meticulously tailors each camp session to suit the unique interests of every child, ensuring maximum engagement and joy.

What sets Chris' programme apart is its inclusivity and breadth. All Sports collaborates with various Lincolnshire sports clubs, thereby opening doors for children to engage in a myriad of sports—from Cricket to Dodgeball, Golf to Tennis. These collaborations include specialist coaches, making it easier for kids to transition into year-long involvement with a specific sport they may develop an affinity for.

The programme's tagline, "All Children, All Possibilities," manifests as a lived ethos under Chris' leadership. He's crafted an environment that welcomes children of all skill levels, including those who've faced exclusion or nervousness in similar setups. The company's rapid expansion and plans for future growth, like the upcoming October half-term, signify its significant impact and Chris' vision.

Unquestionably, Chris is a rising star in Lincolnshire’s sporting community. His work isn't just enriching lives on the field, but also shaping character off it. Recognition for Chris would resonate as a collective celebration for the children, parents, and coaches who have all been positively influenced by his tireless dedication.

Emma Brearley
Brand Manager
Tillotts Pharma UK Limited

Emma Brearley stands out as an exemplary Brand Manager at Tillotts Pharma UK, exhibiting extraordinary growth and achievement in just five years. With a first-class honours degree in Medical Sciences, Emma returned to Lincolnshire and joined Tillotts in 2018 as a Marketing Associate. She took the lead on several key projects, including launching the company's first corporate website, a corporate video, and an award-winning ceremony for industry nurses. Emma also acquired an Associate Diploma from the British Pharmaceutical Industry and a Level 6 Diploma in Marketing.

Upon her promotion to Associate Brand Manager, Emma swiftly launched a new product, capturing a 6% market share within two months. Her innovative hybrid launch events were a hit in the post-COVID era and were attended by 64 professionals. Her efforts earned her commendation at the Pharmaceutical Marketing Excellence Awards.

As a full Brand Manager, Emma manages a £2.7 million brand, directing strategy and planning. She's also the youngest Operational Manager, contributing to company-wide initiatives and serving as a role model. Emma has succeeded in her unusual secondment as a Medical and Scientific Liaison Manager, conducting educational sessions for healthcare professionals.

Currently preparing for an international secondment in Switzerland as a Global Brand Lead, Emma's trajectory shows her as not only a powerhouse in marketing but also as a versatile asset to Tillotts.

Georgia Preece
Project Officer
The Network

In Lincoln's vibrant arts scene, Georgia stands as a multifaceted talent. Arriving in 2014 for university, she's since made the city her home, immersing herself in its art and poetry communities. With a master's degree in fine art from the University of Lincoln, her journey began on the intimate stages of open mic nights at places like Uncaged at the Birdcage. She quickly graduated to larger platforms, gracing the Guild Hall, Lincoln Arts Centre, and even delivering a TEDx talk at Brayford Pool.

But Georgia's influence isn't just confined to the arts. She also serves her community through her full-time role at The Network, a local charity. With a compassionate lens formed by her own lived experiences, including times of unemployment and receiving universal credit, she mentors young people facing complex barriers. From career guidance to emotional and mental health support, she offers a holistic approach to empowerment.

Her dual careers in art and community service aren't mutually exclusive; they're two sides of the same coin. As a member of UKNA's New Artist Collective and her engagement with Local Motion, she champions Lincoln's creative soul. Meanwhile, her day job allows her to impact the future, teaching the next generation the importance of art, empathy, and emotional intelligence. For her indelible mark on both the arts and her community, Georgia represents the ideal blend of creativity and compassion.

Hayden Denman
Franchise Owner
Kixx Gainsborough

Hayden Denman, the franchise owner of Kixx Gainsborough, deserves special recognition for his extraordinary contributions to his community and the impact he's making in multiple domains. Starting as a volunteer at 15, Hayden swiftly ascended the ranks to become a paid lead coach and then a primary PE specialist. At just 20, he became the franchise owner of Kixx Gainsborough. From an initial group of 16 kids, he now caters to nearly 200 children, providing an engaging and fun approach to football training.

His franchise also provides employment to local talent, including three students and two non-students. He works collaboratively with town councillors to offer free sessions in disadvantaged areas, continually giving back to his community. Hayden's resilient spirit is reflected in his pursuit of a sports degree through the Open University, despite battling dyslexia. Moreover, he has taken on the role of a behavioural and resilience mentor in secondary schools, inspiring young minds with his own life journey of overcoming obstacles.

Hayden uses his franchise as a platform for philanthropy. Before turning 16, he raised £3,000 for neurocare and his local community, motivated by the loss of his father. Today, his franchise has achieved a remarkable turnover of £50,000. This year also saw Hayden embracing fatherhood, adding yet another dimension to his busy, impactful life.

Hayley Flint
Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

Hayley Flint's career trajectory, spanning from an administration apprentice at the YMCA to her current role as Quality Assurance Co-ordinator at HomeLet, speaks volumes about her dedication to professional growth. At HomeLet, she has expanded her skill set beyond the claims team to focus on quality assurance, significantly contributing to the development of the wider teams in insurance, claims, and referencing.

Outside of her full-time job, Hayley's commitment to community service is exemplary. She became a member of the 4th Lincoln Girls Brigade at age 7, progressing to a young leader at 15 and eventually a full leader. She completed the prestigious Queen's Award and has volunteered for the Esther Generation Weekend, a programme aimed at discussing hard-hitting issues like gender justice and mental health stigma. Hayley's commitment to these causes led her to Parliament, where she was invited for International Women’s Day and also presented findings on a research project focused on mental health and loneliness.

Locally, she serves as an 11-14s Girls Brigade leader, a district trainer, a national conference representative, and the deputy commissioner. She also sits on the board of trustees for Girls Brigade England and Wales. Besides this, she has volunteered at the Unite event with The Boys Brigade for four years and is slated to be the senior planner for next year's event.

Despite a packed schedule, Hayley still finds time for personal fitness, underlining her exceptional time-management skills. Her full-time professional role coupled with extensive community service activities make her an ideal candidate for any recognition, showcasing her ability to excel in multiple dimensions.

Jack Good
Managing Director & Founder

Initiating Reuseabox in 2015 from his parents' garage with only used cardboard boxes, Jack has impressively escalated the company into a multi-million-pound enterprise. With a dedicated team of 14 and a 20,000 sq ft warehouse, his leadership and vision have been instrumental in the company's rapid expansion.

More than just a business, Reuseabox embodies Jack's lifelong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Partnering with the University of Lincoln and environmental consultants, he developed a pioneering tool that assesses the eco-impact of cardboard box reuse versus recycling, an industry first that substantiates the company's green credentials.

Jack's knack for cultivating relationships has been invaluable in forming partnerships with prominent brands like Royal Mail, Yeo Valley, and Oddbox. These collaborations have been a catalyst in propelling the business forward.

Notably, under Jack’s leadership, Reuseabox became B Corp Certified, joining an elite global community committed to business as a force for good. True to his belief in prioritising people, the company has introduced a profit-share scheme for its employees, regular team-building events, and offers opportunities for volunteer work and internal career advancement. This people-first approach is reflected in Reuseabox’s recent recognition as a top 100 purpose-led organisation in the East Midlands. His achievements underscore the influence young leaders can exert in the business world, especially when they are driven by a noble vision for the greater good.

Jack Lobaczewski
RSUK Group

As the Founder and Managing Director of RSUK Group, Jack Lobaczewski stands as an exemplar of entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to community. Having started his career in accountancy with an apprenticeship at Wilkin Chapman LLP, Jack swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, gaining experience in roles that were typically reserved for university graduates. His innate ability to stay composed under pressure and thirst for continuous learning set the foundation for his current success.

Jack founded RSUK Group in January 2022 with a focus on solar PV and subsequently expanded into a wide array of renewable energy services. His approach to business is far-reaching but community-centred, forging partnerships with local authorities and homeowners alike. He aims to make sustainable energy adoption both accessible and cost-effective, a mission that has drawn praise from insurers and finance providers across the UK.

Recently, Jack secured a solar PV installation project across six locations in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, valued over £500,000. This stands as a testament to his ability to manage projects of substantial scale and significance. Beyond business, Jack's investment in his community is evident; he sponsors Laceby FC and provides them with eco-friendly kits made from recycled plastic bottles, perfectly encapsulating his commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare.

With an unyielding drive, ambitious outlook, and a heart for his community, Jack Lobaczewski makes for an exceptional professional achievement, alongside his meaningful contributions to society.

Jacob Lord
Seraph Technologies / Construct3D

Jacob Lord, director of Seraph Technologies and Construct3D, deserves attention for pioneering the UK's fastest 3D printer. Originally on a computer programming master's course, Jacob switched gears during the pandemic. Guided by his mother's advice, he transformed a DIY project into a marketable 3D printer. The printer quickly gained recognition for its unparalleled speed, producing face shields in 7-11 minutes—significantly faster than other models. His design became the most common 3D-printed visor in the UK, manufactured over 90,000 times.

Jacob and his mother officially formed their business in July 2020, rigorously developing their 3D printers. What they initially considered a "bare minimum" product astounded attendees at the TCT 3Sixty trade show, drawing more attention than any other exhibitor. Their claims of speed, reliability, and quality were later independently verified by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), which found the printer to outperform competitors priced 100 times higher.

Within just six months, Jacob set up a manufacturing unit in Lincoln Enterprise Park, earning praise from WMG as their flagship collaboration. Jacob's story is not just about innovation, but also about disrupting a complacent industry. His work proves that focused determination, supported by insightful research and a responsive market, can yield exceptional results.

Jaime Claughton
Doggy Day Care Supervisor

Jaime Claughton’s trajectory to Doggy Day Care Supervisor and Pet Carer at VIPPIES Pet Care is an awe-inspiring tale of resilience and growth. Having faced the challenges of autism and dyspraxia, Jaime's initial experience in mainstream education was difficult. Her life took a positive turn when she enrolled at The Pilgrim School, where she gained confidence and began to excel both personally and professionally.

Joining VIPPIES in 2018 through a Young People’s Learning Provision placement and later becoming a full-time employee in early 2022, Jaime's ascent has been extraordinary. Once needing guidance, she now stands as a self-assured, capable supervisor, responsible for educating her team on canine care and even pursuing further studies in Dog Grooming and Behaviour.

In a significant acknowledgement of her achievements, Jaime was invited back to The Pilgrim School to share her inspirational journey with current students, leaving an indelible impression. She also created a video highlighting her role at VIPPIES, capturing the essence of her contributions and her passion for her work.

Jaime's story resonates as a testament to the importance of workplace equality and inclusion. Her journey, from overcoming personal hurdles to thriving in her professional role, serves as a glowing example of perseverance and an inspiration to us all.

Jasmine Charnock
Vicarage Veterinary Centre

In Saxilby, Jasmine Charnock has become a beacon of veterinary excellence and compassionate care. At just 29, she owns Vicarage Veterinary Centre, a highly-rated clinic employing a robust staff of 4 vets, 7 nurses, and 3 receptionists. Her leadership fosters a culture committed to excellent veterinary care with the ultimate goal of reuniting healthy pets with their families.

Jasmine's dedication to her patients is extraordinary, sometimes even providing round-the-clock care. Her quick thinking and diagnostic acumen have saved countless lives, from critical canine cases to rare feline illnesses. What sets her clinic apart is not just the quality of care but the empathy and affordability it offers. Known for their friendly approach, Jasmine and her team also focus on providing cost-effective solutions for their clients.

Her love for animals dates back to her early years, assisting her veterinarian mother and caring for rescues, experiences that have shaped her into the exceptional vet she is today. Despite her accomplishments, she is remarkably humble, shying away from self-promotion. Jasmine Charnock embodies dedication, empathy, and business acumen in veterinary medicine and her humility and selflessness only add to her testament.

Jen Jackson
Owner & Trainer
Triple 9 First Aid

Jen Jackson's impact as a first aid trainer extends far beyond traditional medical instruction. Founder of Triple 9 First Aid, Jen brings 8 years of frontline paramedic experience to her courses. Originally created to empower parents and carers of young children, her initiative has expanded to include workplace and mental health first aid, areas she is deeply passionate about.

Jen’s unique advantage lies in her hands-on experience, breaking down barriers and demystifying misconceptions around first aid and mental health. Her real-world insights bring invaluable context and humanise the training, offering participants the reassurance they need to take action in emergencies. With a history of attending situations where first aid knowledge could have been pivotal, Jen's mission is to fill that critical knowledge gap.

Venturing into her own business was a leap of faith, but the success of Triple 9 First Aid stands as testament to its necessity and effectiveness. Jen has not only built a business but also a platform that equips people with the skills and confidence to navigate some of life's most harrowing moments. Through her social media, she continues to disseminate practical first aid advice and promote community defibrillators, maximising her reach and influence.

For her exceptional contributions in first aid training, her commitment to breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health, and her unyielding devotion to empowering the community, Jen Jackson is a beacon of resilience and compassion.

Jessica Purdie
Age 28
Prikli Pear

In the heart of Lincolnshire, Jessica Purdie is making waves with her fashion brand, Prikli Pear. Not just a shop, the brand has evolved into a community hub since its relocation to Newport in August 2023. Painted in vivid pink, the shop invites locals to explore not only fashion but also local artisans' works. It's a centre for workshops, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Jessica's vision goes beyond retail. She received the 'Best Emerging Sustainable Fashion Brand 2023 - East Midlands' award, reinforcing her commitment to sustainability. Her initiative 'Reworked' teaches people to repurpose second-hand clothes, sparking conversations about sustainability.

Leadership is second nature to Jessica, manifested in the strong team she's built. But it's her community initiative, Stitch & B*tch, that might be her most significant achievement. This creative support group has broad appeal, with members coming from various towns, highlighting her expansive influence.

Her efforts have caught the eye of organisations like the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society and even the BBC, who featured her in a Bitesize talk. Just two years into her entrepreneurial journey, Jessica has turned a profit, proving that commercial success and community focus can coexist.

Jonathan Hadleigh
Marketing Assistant
Integrity Software Systems

Jonathan Hadleigh embodies the values of community engagement, corporate responsibility, and personal growth. Since joining Integrity Software Systems as a Marketing Assistant earlier this year, Jonathan has made an immediate impact. He's not only excelled in his role but has also taken on significant responsibilities within the company's Green Team and Works Council. These roles underscore his dedication to sustainability, as he helps maintain the company's Carbon Neutral+ status.

In his free time, Jonathan's commitment to social responsibility continues to shine. As a volunteer with the Lincolnshire Airsoft Club, he manages their social and community projects, which range from supporting Combat Stress and Poppy Appeal to humanitarian aid for Ukraine and local community events. These initiatives have successfully raised thousands and garnered media attention from outlets such as The Lincolnite and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Further adding to his community involvement, Jonathan has recently joined the Lincolnshire Scouts as District Scout Network Commissioner, overseeing development programmes for young adults. His role includes planning activities aimed at skills development and community engagement, demonstrating his intrinsic passion for youth empowerment. Jonathan consistently places others before himself, always finding time to assist those in need.

Kallum Burrell
Admin/IT Assistant
Staples Vegetables

At just 20 years old, Kallum Burrell has already carved out an impressive path for himself, both professionally and in the world of clay pigeon shooting. Joining Staples Vegetables Ltd at 18, Kallum immediately made an impact as an Admin/IT Assistant, seamlessly balancing work commitments with his studies and passion for shooting.

Kallum's shooting journey began at 15 and quickly accelerated. Recognised for his potential, he was offered sponsorship from Grimsthorpe Estate shooting ground, and within a year, he was competing at the county level. By 18, Kallum had notched up several county championship titles and represented England at the World Championships in San Antonio, Texas. His zenith, so far, was capturing two world championship titles at the London-hosted event in 2021 with a remarkable score of 98/100. Known for his camaraderie and sportsmanship, Kallum serves as a mentor to aspiring shooters.

2023 has seen Kallum's star continue to rise, earning three more national caps and competing globally. His most recent outing was in Hungary, where he ranked 10th in the junior category and 4th in the team event.

When he's not competing or working, Kallum devotes his time to the Lincolnshire Young Farmers. Even with his packed schedule, he serves as vice chairman of the North Holland Club and actively participates in organising events and fundraisers.
In academia, Kallum is preparing to enter his second year at the University of Lincoln, pursuing a degree in sports and exercise science. His ambition is to become a specialised clay pigeon shooting coach, focusing on physiological mentoring and development.

Kamal Ellis-Hyman
Aim A Little Higher

Kamal Ellis-Hyman is an example of resilience and ambition in the community of young talents. Rising from academic struggles to earn 7 As and 2 A*s at GCSE, Kamal's journey serves as an inspiration for others. Beyond academics, Kamal further distinguished himself as Youth MP for Peterborough. During their tenure, he enhanced the role's prominence by engaging with media platforms like the BBC and by speaking in the Houses of Parliament. Their nomination as an Olympic Torchbearer underscored his significance as a role model for young aspirations.

Transitioning from politics, Kamal founded the transformative initiative 'Aim A Little Higher.' Its mission is to help young people shape their futures according to their potential, rather than their circumstances. Under Kamal’s guidance, the program has conducted over 1,000 motivational speeches and positively impacted more than 55,000 students. It has successfully collaborated with various educational entities, contributing to both academia and corporate social responsibilities.

What sets Kamal apart is the synergy he has created between the educational and corporate sectors. His programs offer a holistic approach to bridge gaps in our current systems, covering everything from career readiness to mental health awareness. This vision has garnered endorsements from heavyweight institutions such as MBDA and HSBC.

With eight years of service, more than 500 workshops, and over 200 engaged clients, Kamal’s contributions go beyond mere statistics; they represent a legacy of changed lives.

Lewis Gollin
Business Owner
Sculpt Studios

Lewis Gollin, the business owner of Sculpt Studios, has crafted an impressive career trajectory that marks him as a standout candidate for recognition. His talent for cutting hair emerged at a young age, and after completing college and an apprenticeship, he went on to work as a stylist for three years. At the age of 19, he moved to Manchester to work at NotJust, one of the UK's top 10 barber shops, further honing his skills.

Returning to his home city of Lincoln, Lewis founded a barbershop and academy, initially located in Rock Retro, at just 21 years old. Now at 22, he has expanded his business to a larger unit on Lincoln's Steep Hill, where he employs two staff members, including a graduate from his academy and a long-time friend. The academy has also been successful in training individuals for the industry, many of whom have already accomplished significant milestones.

The numbers speak for themselves: Sculpt Studios has amassed over 900 clients and completed over 4,200 services to date. What Lewis has achieved by the young age of 23 is undeniably remarkable. While he isn't seeking accolades or affirmations, the recognition of his efforts is an indescribable honour. Given his exceptional skill, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to education within the industry, Lewis Gollin's accomplishments are certainly deserving of recognition.

Marcus Melton
Senior Product Manager for Innovation
UK Civil Service

Marcus Melton, a Senior Product Manager for Innovation at HMRC, has distinguished himself as a transformative force in the UK public sector. With roots in Lincolnshire, Marcus graduated with a First-Class degree in Business from the University of Sunderland and was the sole recipient of all three Business School Prestige Awards. His academic success led him to the Civil Service Fast Stream, where he specialised in Digital, Data and Technology.

Marcus has spearheaded impactful projects across various government departments. He has drastically reduced the waiting time for asylum applicants by digitising the process and ensured the continued provision of Legal Aid services in critical times. Scoring 98% in his final Fast Stream assessment, Marcus continued to excel as a Senior Technology Innovation Consultant at Defra. There, he managed significant budgets and worked on vital national infrastructure projects, including a £3 billion initiative to bolster the UK's disease response capabilities.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Marcus led the charge in adapting workplace technology for remote work. He developed an internal chatbot that provided essential Covid-19 information to staff, freeing HR to tackle more intricate issues. Recognised among the Top 10 Young Digital Leaders in the UK, Marcus now focuses on leveraging emerging technologies like AI to optimise tax and customs systems, potentially saving millions in taxpayer money.

But his influence isn't just technological. Marcus is an advocate for social mobility, having chaired the Civil Service Fast Stream Network and mentored Civil Servants from lower socio-economic backgrounds. He continues to grow as a leader, being recently chosen for the Ascend Accelerated Development Programme, aimed at preparing individuals for upper Senior Civil Service roles. Outside work, he’s an avid long-distance runner, completing 18 marathons in six different counties.

Rebecca Hawkins
Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
University of Lincoln

In the University of Lincoln, Rebecca Hawkins has carved out an exceptional path in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Starting her academic journey in 2011, she quickly proved her tenacity, graduating with a first-class honours degree in 2014, followed by a master's degree with distinction a year later. This set the tone for her swift professional climb.

By the age of 22, Rebecca transitioned from student to educator at the same institution, juggling part-time lectures with lab technician roles. Her competence soon landed her a full-time lecturing position, a remarkable feat achieved within six months.

Rebecca's ambitions didn't halt at teaching. Starting her PhD in 2017, she navigated research and a full-time job to earn her doctorate by September 2023, a commendable six months ahead of schedule. Today, she holds a senior lecturing position and her research contributions have gained international recognition, published in esteemed journals and showcased at global conferences.

Her excellence isn't confined to research; Rebecca leads the School's open and applicant days, earning high student satisfaction ratings year on year. Esteemed by colleagues and respected by students, her influence radiates beyond her academic circle.

Rebecca Newmarch
Newmarch PR

Becky Newmarch, founder of Newmarch PR, has transformed the PR landscape of Lincolnshire within just a year. Returning to her hometown, she was inspired to amplify the region's businesses. Launching her own firm, Becky faced typical startup challenges—limited resources and financial uncertainty, especially amid a post-pandemic economy. Undeterred, she delved into local business networks, launched Lincs Small Biz—a thriving community for small business owners—and even supported charitable causes pro bono.

Her results are staggering. Becky has secured client media exposure to an audience of 747 million, with 3.7 million unique interactions and over 4,600 engagements. Client coverage spans top-tier media outlets, from The Times and BBC to Cosmopolitan. One client even secured a TV pilot opportunity through the national coverage she orchestrated. Additionally, a maternal health testing campaign she voluntarily publicised amassed over 7,000 signatures.

Becky’s mission has dual focus: proving that PR is accessible for small businesses and elevating Lincolnshire's status. The impact on her clients’ businesses and their subsequent pride is her daily fuel. Despite the risks of starting her venture, its growth is a testament to the power of purpose-driven business. As her last opportunity to feature in Lincolnshire’s 30 Under 30, this recognition validates her hard work and make the sleepless nights worthwhile. Becky is not just a PR expert; she’s a local advocate determined to put Lincolnshire on the map.

Reece Leggett
Student Enterprise Manager
University of Lincoln

Reece Leggett's dedication to nurturing young talent and entrepreneurial spirit is both exemplary and impactful. As Student Enterprise Manager at the University of Lincoln, he has been instrumental in guiding budding entrepreneurs through their academic and practical journeys. His commitment to providing top-quality entrepreneurship modules, workshops, and one-to-one consultations has elevated the University of Lincoln into a top-5 institution for launching student start-ups.

But Reece's contributions don't stop at higher education. His experience in further education, including roles as Programme Lead and Curriculum Manager at the Grimsby Institute, lends itself to a comprehensive understanding of educational pathways. Feedback from Lincoln College highlights Reece's talent for engaging students across various disciplines in the subject of entrepreneurship, testifying to his captivating and inspiring approach to education.

Beyond his professional role, Reece invests considerable personal time in the development of young people, particularly in North Lincolnshire. He has held the position of Vice Chair of the South Humber Board for Young Enterprise UK and has been Chair of Governors at Cambridge Park Academy for seven years. As an Enterprise Mentor for the Princes Trust and a member of the Business, Management and Digital Employer Industry Board (T Levels), he casts a wide net of influence.

Respected and appreciated by colleagues and students alike, Reece is lauded for his approachability, extensive knowledge, and genuine care for student success. His drive to further his own expertise, as evidenced by his pursuit of an MBA in Entrepreneurship, attests to his lifelong commitment to learning and leadership.

Rhys Booth

Rhys Booth, the founder of Let-Co, is a remarkable entrepreneur who deserves to be in the spotlight. Co-founding Let-Co during his time at the University of Lincoln in 2019, Rhys has turned it into a leading force in the Midlands' property sector, managing more than 450 tenancies. His business acumen is particularly evident in the innovative use of bespoke technology, which streamlines the property investment process from start to finish. What sets him apart, however, is not just his business savvy, but also his strong sense of social responsibility.

In a move that sets a new standard for corporate ethics, Let-Co collaborates with social housing providers and charities to provide shelter for the vulnerable, embodying the notion of compassionate enterprise. Moreover, partnerships with specialised childcare providers highlight the company’s commitment to fostering positive social outcomes. These partnerships are not mere transactions; they reflect a deep-rooted commitment to making a tangible impact.

In 2023, Rhys took his philanthropic endeavours a step further by founding a community interest company, broadening the scope of his positive impact. Furthermore, the introduction of a business-focused podcast showcases his commitment to disseminating entrepreneurial knowledge. Rhys' journey stands as a true embodiment of Lincolnshire’s core values: innovation, compassion, and an unflagging commitment to effecting meaningful change.

Sarah Curtiss
Principal Communications Officer
City of Lincoln Council

Sarah Curtiss is an exceptional Principal Communications Officer at the City of Lincoln Council and a passionate advocate for fertility rights. Leveraging her expertise in communications and marketing, she initiated the 'My Fertility Matters' campaign. This UK-wide initiative aims to address the discriminatory IVF treatment eligibility criteria that adversely affect stepparents. The campaign has gained national attention and has even been discussed in the UK Parliament, receiving backing from MPs and celebrities alike.

The fruits of Sarah's nearly two-year-long campaign are evident. All Integrated Care Boards in the East Midlands are reviewing their fertility policies, with a commitment to abolish the rule that discriminates against stepparents. This landmark change will affect hundreds of lives across the East Midlands, including couples in regions like Nottingham and Lincolnshire, enabling them greater access to IVF treatments. Her work has received accolades from healthcare leaders, validating the real-world impact she has made.

Sarah's campaign isn't just a professional accomplishment; it has personal significance too, giving her stepdaughter the possibility of becoming a big sister. With future plans to extend this campaign to other regions, Sarah aims to end the UK's 'postcode lottery' for fertility treatment, affecting positive change for families nationwide.

Sarah Curtiss not only excels in her professional role but also leverages her skills for significant social impact. Her tireless efforts have led to legislative reforms and policy changes, making her achievements so far worthy of recognition.

Shannon Riglin
Managing Director
Tiffin & Co Bakehouse Ltd

Shannon Riglin, Managing Director of Tiffin & Co Bakehouse Ltd, is an inspiring example of entrepreneurial tenacity. Named among Lincolnshire's 30 under 30 in 2021, Shannon has piloted the company to impressive heights despite the economic challenges of the past two years. With six employees, two permanent premises in Sleaford, and a client roster of over 20 local businesses, the company is flourishing.

After completing her MSc in Fashion Management from the University of Lincoln, Shannon decided to venture into business in 2021, driven by her desire for a balanced work-life routine for the sake of her young daughter. Armed with a newfound self-belief nurtured through her academic achievements, including a distinction, Shannon felt ready to commit to her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Starting a business is never easy, but Shannon navigated the complexities with resilience, working tirelessly day and night to meet demand. The first employee was hired in September 2021, followed by the opening of the company's own premises in March 2022. This paved the way for new partnerships and opportunities, including trade shows and a seasonal pop-up kiosk in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

A significant leap was the £50,000 investment in a new production unit in Sleaford, partially funded by a £22,000 start-up loan and business revenues. This expansion will enhance production capabilities, meeting the demand of a growing client base. Tiffin & Co's turnover for the last year was £146,000, and it is projected to exceed £250,000 this year—a remarkable achievement. Given her relentless drive, innovative strategies, and remarkable growth, Shannon is highly deserving of recognition.

Sophie Lavender
Event Organiser / Host
The Green Room Spoken Word Fellowship

Sophie Lavender, the dedicated Event Organiser and Host of The Green Room Spoken Word Fellowship (GRSWF), has significantly contributed to Lincoln's creative community since 2019. Known as the “Spoken Word Speakeasy,” the GRSWF is a nurturing space for writers, poets, and comedians to not only showcase their talent but also receive emotional support and make career-enhancing connections.

Located behind a modest green door on Tentercroft Street, the GRSWF convenes monthly, offering a platform for performances ranging from poetry and comedy to live theatre. It's an environment where newcomers and established artists alike can network, often gaining opportunities to collaborate with other talented individuals. Notable attendees include Owen Lewis from TEDxBrayford, Georgia Preece of UKNA, and local politician Jess McGuire, to name a few.

Sophie's altruistic endeavour is not merely a performance platform; it's a therapeutic hub that has helped individuals regain self-confidence, cope with grief, and even transition to full-time careers in the arts. Her dedication is comprehensive, involving everything from setting up chairs to running the group's social media. Furthermore, Sophie has ensured that the venue is accessible, making it inclusive for disabled and neurodiverse people—a matter close to her heart as an Autistic and ADHD individual. Local organisations like TEDxBrayfordPool, SirenFM, and LCR celebrate the GRSWF, and Sophie's media appearances amplify its benefits.

Thomas Atkins
Identity Agency

Thomas Atkins is a multifaceted professional whose footprint in the digital marketing and creative sector extends beyond commercial success. At the age of 22, he founded Identity Agency while still in university, demonstrating entrepreneurial flair and resilience. His ability to scale the business to remarkable heights in just four years is itself a noteworthy achievement.

Yet, Thomas distinguishes himself further through his unwavering commitment to mentorship and fostering new talent in a competitive industry. His mentorship scheme launched in 2021 is evidence of his commitment to nurture future marketers and creative professionals. Not only does he offer them invaluable work experience but also invests in their training courses, all on his own dime.

The impact of Thomas' mentorship is quantifiable. Interns under his tutelage have secured prominent roles in respected companies like IBM and Meta, while others have been recognised for their outstanding growth with accolades such as 'Placement Student of the Year'. He doesn’t just stop at mentorship; he goes the extra mile to secure part-time contracts and provide CV guidance for aspiring professionals.

What sets Thomas apart is his extraordinary willingness to invest in potential competitors. The prime example being his current mentorship of a University of Lincoln student aspiring to set up a social media agency, where instead of perceiving threat, Thomas sees an opportunity to nourish a dream. His generous and transparent approach in offering business plan advice and even free branding services underscores his altruistic spirit.

Beyond the four walls of Identity Agency, Thomas extends his expertise through workshops at the University of Lincoln and soon at Sheffield Hallam University, his alma mater. His consistent volunteer work at career events and charitable initiatives, like CareerLinc, showcase his broader commitment to enriching the professional lives of young people.